Strengthening of the central muscles

The main reason that can push someone to take practice Pilates? It is excellent for muscle building. Indeed, its inventor suffered from asthma and rickets as a child. As a teenager, he experimented and found the Pilates method, and found the impressive effects that it had on his body. From your back to the pelvis to the abdomen, Pilates will strengthen your muscles deeply.

This area is very important for your maintenance, your balance and your health in general. A stronger back is also a back that suffers less and therefore better health and better morale. Pilates does not target a specific area of ??the body, but it is one that will be truly enhanced and that will impact your everyday life in many aspects of your life. You will feel better overall! Ah, that’s good!

A complete exercise for the body

Another good reason to go to practice Pilates? It is a gentle and complete exercise for the whole body. A sport or a method that muscle and stimulates the whole body is always preferable to methods that only stimulate certain parts of the body and forget the rest. We would indeed like to avoid ending up with muscular arms and legs not sufficiently toned for example. Well by practicing Pilates, it will not happen to us!

It is a method that really works the least muscle of your body. Indeed, you will feel the body aches after the first few sessions at the level of your whole body. It is not necessarily pleasant but it proves that it makes us feel good, and not only a little! So we stop doing the chicken and get wet! Another advice? Go step by step! And why not with friends? Both bind the user to the pleasant!

Posture and better balance

The Pilates method also has an undeniable effect on your balance! By working your core muscles at the level of your backbone, it improves your posture and thus your balance by allowing you to stand up straight without effort. Your spine will become more and more straight with the time and could even lengthen because of the good support allowed by the Pilates method.

However, improving your posture also improves your breathing, prevents you from suffering from back problems and gives you a feminine and elegant look. Really, we have searched for a long time but we did not find what to dislike in Pilates? Test, and you will give us your opinion! Find out about centers that offer classes near you or follow YouTubers and bloggers who specialize in Pilates to find out more and find the right exercises for you!

To have more energy

For more energy, there’s nothing like Pilates! Indeed, by working your entire body and your muscles, Pilates truly improves your blood circulation and thus your heart rate and the oxygenation of your blood. It makes you more energetic and, above all, healthier! Of course, all sports have a beneficial effect on your body is the principle of physical exercise.

However, the Pilates method has a particular impact on your health by having a real effect on the circulation of your blood. You will feel younger, fitter and can even see an improvement in your skin or the shine of your hair! Yes, Pilates is almost magical!

A flexible discipline

Pilates is a flexible discipline. It can be performed on carpets with or without accessories, alone or in groups … Pilates exercises can be modified and adapted to be practiced outdoors or indoors, with or without devices. In short, with Pilates, you can do what you want where you want it as long as you respect the basis of the exercises proposed! Great, no?

There are exercises specially adapted for beginners, others particularly effective for women or men, others for those who have special needs when it comes to sports. In short, it is not an extremely square and difficult discipline to respect. To do Pilates, just want to do it! And as said before, the positive effects are such that we have no interest in saying no!

To tone up

Pilates is a discipline that can tone your body: something that can benefit us all, regardless of our morphology! If you’re looking for a stronger, more toned body and muscles, getting into Pilates are what you need! In addition, the search for tone is often the reason why we want to get into the sport. For example, there’s nothing like beautifully toned legs: it improves our shape but also the appearance of our skin by plumping and rejuvenating it.

The muscles of your arms, your legs, your back and your chest will thank you a thousand times and will appear much stronger, young. Another plus point of practice Pilates? It tones and strengthens more than it muscle. It will not increase enormously the volume of your muscles (what would the bodybuilding for example). It will simply strengthen, tone, refine and shape the parts of your body that you want to work: and even all! So, what are we waiting for to get Pilates?